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Episode 108: The Advantages of Showit for Small Business Websites


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Ever get frustrated when you have to wait weeks for your web designer to make a simple change to your website? Is your current website so slow that it’s hurting your SEO? Do you wish designing a web page was easy?

If you said yes to any of these, it’s time to switch to Showit—a drag-and-drop website-building platform that provides complete creative freedom over the layout and design of your website.

In this week’s episode of Priority Pursuit, we chat with Parker Pearson of Showit to dive into how this innovative web builder can help you create an effective and unique website for your small business.


The Advantages of Showit for Small Business Websites

Whether you’re looking to DIY your site with a template or work with a professional designer, Showit is the perfect web builder for small business owners.

Showit’s website-building platform utilizes drag-and-drop elements similar to those of design programs like Canva, Photoshop, and Illustrator. This feature gives Showit users complete control over website content placement, design, and functionality—all in an easy-to-use format. With this unique functionality comes a number of advantages for you and your small business.


Creative Freedom

Showit’s design elements allow it to be more creative-centric than other stricter web builders. Oftentimes, creatives feel stuck in the limitations and modules of other website-building platforms as they tend to be far more rigid and fixed as far as functionality and design go—forcing you to work within specific blocks or pay hefty fees to get out of them.

Showit, in contrast, is able to give you complete creative freedom in the design of your website. With its drag-and-drop feature, you’re able to integrate your content in a more creative-friendly way. Because of this, you can design and create a website that is uniquely your own and fits your small business’s overall brand—without jumping through any hoops.



Creating a new website from scratch can be overwhelming. That’s why Showit offers thousands of different templates for you to build off of. Premium templates are thoughtfully designed to make it easy for you to drop in your content without worrying about the intricacies of your website’s layout.

However, if you like to have more control over the design and where your content is laid out, all of the same elements utilized in these templates are available to you in the open plans as well.


No Coding Required

Showit sets itself apart from other web builders through its remarkable no-coding approach to website creation. Unlike with traditional platforms, you don’t need to have any background in coding to understand and use Showit. Regardless of how much you know about coding, you can create a stunning and effective website for your small business!


Better Loading Speeds

Having a large number of pictures or videos on your website can oftentimes slow down your loading speeds. To combat this, Showit utilizes special servers that offload your photos and videos—basically storing them in a separate cloud. This allows you to still feature all of the visual content you want on your website without sacrificing loading speeds.


Customer Service

Showit's customer support goes beyond other web builders’ by offering quick and personalized responses to your questions. Rather than relying on online forums to troubleshoot problems on your site, you can connect with a customer service representative in a matter of minutes during business hours.

Plus, these are real people who understand that your website is more than just a bunch of code—it's your business and your passion. They genuinely want to see you succeed and thrive and are ready to help you do so!


Ready to try Showit?

If you’d like more information on how Showit can work for you and your business, you can email Parker at to schedule a free one-on-one consultation and to ask any questions you may have about the program. Or you can check out the Showit website to access countless articles and blogs about the different aspects of the platform.

Ready to jump in? We love Showit so much that we would love to give you an opportunity to try our favorite web builder for free! Try Showit FREE for one month!

Be sure to listen to this whole episode (at the top of the page or wherever you listen to podcasts) to hear more about the advantages of Showit for small business websites!


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Learn about the advantages of Showit for small business websites as we chat with Parker Pearson!

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