A Christian-Based Marketing Agency

​​Since 2000, we’ve been helping small businesses take their companies to the next level by providing trustworthy leadership and building effective marketing strategies and systems.

We believe small businesses deserve to have a marketing partner that works as hard as they do.

1Mary had faith in Him.
Mary, Jesus’ mother, had 100% faith that He could resolve the issue at hand.

Mary knew that Jesus was able to provide a solution to a problem. And, we feel the same when it comes to trusting our team members to tackle whatever comes their way.

At Treefrog, we have a graphic on our entry door that reads, “Doing the right thing is always the right thing to do.”

This is because as a Christian-based marketing agency, we trust that our team members will always put the needs of our clients before the agency’s when it comes to solving problems and providing guidance.
2He chose to give His very best.
Although He didn’t have to, Jesus chose to make the best wine the master of the banquet had ever tasted.

Since it was late into the wedding celebration and most of the people wouldn’t have even noticed, Jesus could have made “good enough” wine. But, He made the decision to offer His very best by making exceptional wine—even when it wasn’t expected.

Part of our team culture includes holding each other accountable and asking, “Is this your best wine.” This is because our clients and teammates deserve our very best.

Our Team

At Treefrog, we are blessed with an extraordinary team of marketing experts.

Kelly Rice

Founder & Chief Marketing Strategist, StoryBrand Certified Guide

Victoria Rayburn

Chief Brand Evangelist, Marketing & SEO Coach

Mary Adkins

Director of Operations

Angel Tobey

Director of Content & Social Media

Erin MacLeod

Creative Director & Senior Graphic Designer

Jennifer Carriere

Web Developer & Graphic Designer

Julia Tharp

Content Specialist

Why did we name our company “Treefrog?”


Tree frogs may be small—just like small businesses—but they sure are mighty.


The term “frog” reminds us of our mission.
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