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Take the guesswork out of digital marketing and generate business growth with the flywheel marketing method.

You’re spending time & money on marketing, but you aren’t getting the results you want.

Having an effective marketing strategy is critical to a small business's success, but many don’t operate from one. This results in trying one marketing tactic after another without seeing results.

In addition to being frustrating, this:
  • Wastes time and money
  • Makes marketing more difficult and time consuming than necessary
  • Prevents business growth

See the business growth you’ve been working so hard to achieve.

As a digital marketing agency for small businesses, we’ve spent more than two decades helping business leaders build and implement marketing strategies.

When you leverage our proven, flywheel marketing method, you’ll:
  • Attract your ideal customers
  • Streamline your marketing strategy
  • Be able to measure your results
  • Grow your business

Explore the most efficient & effective marketing strategy for small businesses.

The flywheel marketing method is a four-step digital marketing strategy where your website and online marketing efforts are in sync and function as a flywheel to continually produce results.

1Audience & Messaging

Attract the right people and convert them more effectively by identifying your ideal customers and clarifying your messaging.

This step includes building:

  • Eight Talking Points
  • A One Liner Statement
  • A Story Pitch
  • A Why Statement
  • A Sales Script

2Web Design

Put your new messaging to work by building a lead-generating, SEO-optimized website that will become the foundation for all of your marketing efforts.

Your new website will include:

  • Web Design Strategy
  • Initial Keyword Strategy & Search Engine Optimization
  • StoryBrand Professional Content Writing (up to 15 pages)
  • Purposeful Design, Flow, and Management
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Online Directory Submissions
  • Google Analytics & Google Console Installation

3Content Marketing

Build trust and generate stronger leads by developing smart content and sales funnels that pique curiosity and provide value to your ideal customers.

This step includes the development of:

  • A Monthly SEO-Based Blog
  • A Lead Generating PDF/Offer
  • A Website Landing Page
  • A Series of Six Follow-Up Emails

4Strategic Promotion

Use social media ads, Google ads, and email marketing to reach your best customers and lead them to your high-converting website.

This step could include:

  • Social Media Ad Development & Management
  • Google Ad Development & Management
  • Monthly Customer Email
  • Referral Programs

Digital marketing partnerships—which include our team developing and implementing every aspect of the flywheel marketing strategy for you—begin at $5,000/month.

Marketing shouldn't be something that you stress about.

Because of this, we’ve developed a four-step digital marketing strategy (the flywheel marketing method) that consistently generates new business. In fact, our team has successfully developed and implemented digital marketing strategies for hundreds of small businesses.

  • Premier Indiana
    Without my partnership with Treefrog, I know that I wouldn't be where I am today. They have helped me grow five different successful businesses. I love my Treefrog people!
    Premier Indiana
    Donte Wilburn
  • Robert Goodman Jewelers
    We've been with Treefrog for five plus years. They care so much about helping small businesses succeed. It's a wonderful feeling knowing we don't have to worry about our marketing strategy or handle everything ourselves.
    Robert Goodman Jewelers
    Bob & Rose-Marie Goodman
  • Volonte
    We partnered with Treefrog over five years ago because they were a marketing agency for small businesses—and it has been one of the best decisions we ever made. We rely on their marketing leadership and expertise—and that gives me time to focus on the other aspects of growing our business.
    Kym Mennen

Finally see the growth you’ve been working so hard to achieve.


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Take your business to the next level.

Having an effective marketing strategy is critical to a small business’s success.


Because of this, they try one tactic after another without seeing results. This not only prevents consistent business growth, it makes managing your marketing efforts more difficult than it should be.

At Treefrog, we know you’re tired of spending time and money on marketing tactics that don’t work. Because of this, we’ve developed a proven, four-step digital marketing system that will help any small business grow.

We realize you are over piecing your marketing together and feeling overwhelmed when it comes to growing your business. This is why we’ve been helping small businesses build and implement effective marketing strategies using the flywheel marketing method for more than two decades.

If you’re ready to have a proven marketing strategy, schedule a discovery call where we’ll discuss your marketing challenges and business goals and walk through our process in less than 30 minutes. Then, together, we’ll determine if we’re a good fit. If we are, we’ll move forward with onboarding and scheduling our first team strategy meeting.

Treefrog clients say that it feels amazing to have a digital marketing strategy that’s proven to strengthen and grow their business. They no longer waste time and money on marketing tactics that aren't producing great results. And, because they don’t have to personally implement their strategy, they are able to devote their full focus to other important aspects of their businesses and their life outside the office.

At Treefrog, we believe you deserve to have a partner and digital marketing strategy that works as hard as you do.

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The Most Effective Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

Learn the four-step strategy we use to help our agency clients grow—some by more than 800%!

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The Most Effective Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses:

Unleash Success with the Flywheel Marketing Method

Learn the four-step strategy we use to help our agency clients grow—some by more than 800%!