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How to Grow Your Small Business Through Digital Marketing
February 15, 2023
Victoria Rayburn of Treefrog Marketing explains how to identify and understand your ideal client as a small business in this episode of “Priority Pursuit.”
Episode 084: Marketing Guiding Statements (Part 2) – How to Identify & Understand Your Ideal Client
March 21, 2023

March 14, 2023

Episode 083: Priority Pursuit Is Now a Treefrog Marketing Podcast & the First Step in Marketing—Marketing Guiding Statements (Part 1)

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Can we share something with you that we wish more small business owners and leaders understood?

You can build a stunning website, post a reel a day, implement sales funnels, and do all of the marketing things you’re “supposed to do.” However, all of these efforts and tactics are a waste of time, money, and resources if your messaging isn’t clear.

In other words, clear messaging—which is communication that your ideal customers can understand quickly and easily—is the key to successful marketing.

As a result, the first step in marketing (successful, strategic marketing that is) is to develop clear messaging. But, how do you determine and clarify your message?

Well, that’s exactly what Kelly Rice—Treefrog Marketing’s founder and creative director and Priority Pursuit’s new co-host—breaks down in this episode.


Meet Treefrog Marketing’s Founder & Creative Director Kelly Rice—Priority Pursuit’s new co-host!

As the daughter of a small business owner and a small business owner herself, Kelly knows how hard small business owners work firsthand, and she firmly believes that marketing shouldn’t be something that small business owners and leaders should have to stress about.

She created Treefrog Marketing—a marketing agency for small businesses—to help small business owners and leaders eliminate wasted time and overspending, increase profits, and ultimately allow them to spend more time doing what they love.

Priority Pursuit is now a Treefrog Marketing podcast, meaning Kelly and the rest of the Treefrog team will now regularly be on the show to share proven marketing strategies that you can use to help your small business grow!


First messaging. Then, strategy.

Like we mentioned before, clear messaging—communication that your ideal customers can understand quickly and easily—is the key to successful marketing.

Because, research shows that consumers don't always buy the best products and services. They buy the ones they can easily understand. In other words, you can have the most amazing product in the world, but if you use unclear language and don’t effectively explain how it will make your customer’s life better, they're much less likely to buy your product. Instead, they'll look for something similar that they can understand more easily.

So, before you can design and implement a successful marketing strategy, you have to determine your messaging. Because, without clear messaging, you won't be able to connect with your ideal customers or hold their attention. In fact, all marketing tools and tactics are useless if you don't know what to say to your prospective customers.

As a result, before you decide which social media platforms to use, how much money you’ll invest in Google ads, or make any other marketing decisions, you need to write clear messaging for your small business. And, you can do this by developing what we call your “Marketing Guiding Statements.”


What are Marketing Guiding Statements & how do they help you clarify your message?

Marketing Guiding Statements are written guidelines that position your business as a trusted partner. And, the process of writing these five statements (which we’ll explain more in depth below) gives you the information you need to write clear, concise, effective messaging.

Once your Marketing Guiding Statements are developed, you can refer to them as you write your website copy, blog posts, social media posts, or any other kind of copy or content. Using them will ensure your marketing


  1. Is customer-focused rather than braggy or salesy
  2. Has the power to convert your ideal customers


Basically, think of your Marketing Guiding Statements as the GPS of your marketing efforts. Once you write them, as long as you follow them, you’ll get to where you want to go. In other words, your marketing will actually work!


How do you write your Marketing Guiding Statements?

At Treefrog, we utilize a story-based framework to create Marketing Guiding Statements for our clients. This framework is made up of five sections, which include your:


  1. Talking points: a set of conversational points that incorporate story elements
  2. One-liner: a single statement, 30-second elevator pitch you can use to help people realize why they need your product or service
  3. Story pitch: a storyline that engages potential customers and tells them what to do
  4. Sales script: a written script that helps you sell better than anyone else—without sounding like you're selling anything at all
  5. Your “Why”: a statement that explains the reasons why you do what you do


Once you’ve determined and written these five statements (AKA your Marketing Guiding Statements) for your small business, you’ll have a clear message. And, as a reminder, clear messaging is the key to successful marketing.


How can you use your Marketing Guiding Statements?

After writing your Marketing Guiding Statements, you’ll have almost all of the information you need to strategically write:


  • A website
  • Social media posts and ads
  • Blog posts, videos, and any other content
  • Google ads
  • Email marketing
  • Networking and sales introductions and presentations
  • And, basically, any other marketing tactic that requires words!

And, with clear messaging, these marketing tools will position your business for exponential growth!


Are you ready to take your first step in marketing and write your Marketing Guiding Statements?

We’ll be explaining how to write each of the five Marketing Guiding Statements in upcoming episodes, and we’ll be releasing these episodes one by one over the next several weeks. (If you’re reading/listening to these episodes after their original air dates, you’ll be able to find all episodes here.)

However, if you’d like early access to these episodes and even more help with your Marketing Guiding Statements, take our FREE mini course: “The First Step to Effective Marketing for Small Businesses: Writing Your Marketing Guiding Statements”!

This course includes seven lessons and a PDF download that walks you through every step of writing your Marketing Guiding Statements with examples. At the end of this course, you’ll have the messaging and talking points you need to write effective web copy, social media posts, ads, email campaigns, and copy for any and all of your marketing efforts. In other words, you’ll know exactly what to say to convert your prospective ideal customers into paying customers!

If you’re ready for your marketing to actually work, take the Marketing Guiding Statements mini-course now!

If you’d like to connect with Kelly, the show’s new cohost, please visit treefrogmarketing.com. You can also find her on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.


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Writing Your Marketing Guiding Statements. 7 videos to help you clarify your messaging so that your marketing will actually work!



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Leverage Kelly’s marketing experience, insights, and leadership to grow your business.

As the founder and chief marketing strategist at Treefrog Marketing, a co-host of the Priority Pursuit Podcast, a StoryBrand Certified Guide, and fractional chief marketing officer, Kelly Rice has spent more than two decades helping small businesses take their companies to the next level by providing trustworthy leadership and building effective marketing strategies and systems.

She has dedicated her career to helping small businesses succeed because she knows, firsthand, how hard they work to make their communities a better place. 

Still, many people undervalue the strength and ingenuity of small businesses, but not Kelly. She believes they deserve to have a marketing partner and strategy that works as hard as they do.

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