Priority Pursuit: A podcast for small business owners who want to build a life & business that they love.

"Work-life balance" doesn't exist—at least not for small business owners.

We’re your hosts for the Priority Pursuit Podcast, Victoria Rayburn and Kelly Rice.

As small business owners ourselves, we understand the battle that comes with big dreams, endless to-do lists, and loved ones needing our attention. But, we believe that there’s power in priorities. Because of this, we started Priority Pursuit.

We invite you to tune in every week as we chat with Treefrog team members and other business and community experts about:

  • Proven marketing strategies
  • Setting boundaries & delegating responsibilities
  • Creating an incredible client experience
  • Relationships
  • And more

We've learned that when your priorities are at the forefront, you’re able to be present in your personal life, confident in your business decisions, and proud of the legacy you’re building.