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November 10, 2021

Episode 031: 4 Practical & Strategic Steps to Create Instagram Reels as a Creative Entrepreneur

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Does the thought of creating Instagram reels intimidate you? Do you feel like you’re creating reels blindy?

I mean, what content do you share? What audio do you use? What trends do you follow?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this episode of Priority Pursuit is for you! In this episode, we’re breaking down how you can practically and strategically create Instagram reels and come up with Instagram reel content in just four easy steps.

1. Make a list of potential ideas for reels based on your brand topics, client FAQs, & things you wish your clients knew.

Like any content marketing tool or tactic, the purpose of Instagram reels is to attract and create connection with your ideal client by offering valuable, useful information.

In all honesty, it’s a waste of time to create reels (or any form of content for that matter) that doesn’t help foster that connection.

To get the most out of Instagram reels, I recommend creating a list of potential topics based on:

Your Brand Topics

You can learn more about defining your brand and brand topics in “Episode 007: How to Develop & Communicate Your Brand as a Creative Entrepreneur,” but brand topics are simply areas of your life and business that you share (on social media, your website, etc.) and want people to think about when they think of you and will be of interest to your ideal customer.

And, your brand topics, and are an excellent place to start coming up with topics for Instagram reels.

For instance, two of my brand topics are marriage and supporting small businesses. As a result, a great reel idea for me to create could be our favorite date night spots in Lafayette, Indiana. This is both of interest to my ideal client and helps foster connection.

Client Frequently Asked Questions

Another great resource for reel topics is simply thinking about questions your clients regularly ask.

For instance, as a wedding photographer, I regularly have to tell couples how to cut their cake during their wedding reception. As a result, answering this question and showing my audience how to cut their wedding cake could be an excellent, helpful Instagram reel.

Things You Wish Your Clients Knew

Now, I think it’s safe to say that we all have things that we wish our clients knew or understood. However, it’s important to remember that you’re an expert in your industry, and what’s obvious to you, isn’t always obvious to your clients.

For example, for a bride’s getting ready photos, it’s really important for me to have access to natural light so I can create the light and airy getting ready photos brides expect of me. But, as brides plan their wedding days, they don’t necessarily know that natural light is key to creating these photos, because they aren’t photographers. (To clarify, I do share this information in the bridal guide I share with VRP couples upon booking.) With this in mind, I could easily create a reel about why it’s important to choose a getting ready space with natural light.

Reels are an incredible resource for both entertaining and educating your ideal clients. Chances are, when you start making this list of potential reel topic ideas, you’re going to end up with a list that’s much longer than you initially expected.

2. Create reels to trending audio to boost engagement.

Once you have your list of potential reel topics, start paying attention to reel trends, especially trending audio.

Instagram wants its users to engage. As a result, Instagram looks at what posts, reels, etc. users are engaging with heavily and then starts pushing similar content, because they know that the content is going to perform well. (This is why you tend to hear the same audio over and over again on Instagram.)

And, friend, you can use this to your advantage.

I highly recommend paying attention to trending audio, which can be found by (1) paying attention to what audio is coming across your own feed regularly and (2) by Instagram’s audio suggestions, which are shown when you go to create a reel.

With this in mind, a practical, strategic way to create Instagram reels is simply to look at your list of reel topic ideas and then pair that topic with currently trending audio.

For instance, right now, “Magic in the Hamptons” by Social House is trending. For the most part, couples are using this audio to share their travels. However, I can use this audio, put a spin on it, and create a reel that I know will benefit my audience. For example, I could use this trend to create a reel about our favorite date night spots in Lafayette (based on my brand topics) or my favorite wedding venues (which would be a client FAQ).

Basically, pay attention to Instagram reel trends and then adjust your content ideas to use trending audio to your advantage.

3. Batch reels to make the most of your time.

Because reels only last up to 30 seconds, I think it’s safe to say that most of us have the false impression that they’re quick and easy to produce. Perhaps you’re faster than I am, but if I’m honest, I often underestimate how long reel creation takes.

To make the most of your time, I highly recommend batching your reels—creating several at once. This will likely improve your production time and will allow you to have reels to share in the future.

That said, to take advantage of trending audio (which does change), you can’t really produce reels too far in advance. Based on current Instagram trends, I would recommend setting aside a few hours or a day to create reels for the next two to four weeks.

This will allow you to make the most of your time, be intentional, and take advantage of reel trends without—hopefully—feeling too overwhelming.

4. Use your reels to create other content.

Chances are, if a topic will make a good Instagram reel, it will also make a great blog, social media post, Instagram story, infographic, or any other form of content.

When you create reels, you’re going to take the time to flesh out and refine the topic. As a result, this content can easily be repurposed in other ways. So, don’t waste the mental energy you’ve already used and make the topic go further.

While Instagram reels do tend to last, be pushed, and stay relevant longer than posts or Instagram stories (which only last 24 hours), they will only be pushed for so long. A blog post, however, will live on your website, can be discovered by Google, and can be reposted on social media again and again literally for years.

Friend, I know creating Instagram reels can feel intimidating. I mean, you’re creating videos, writing captions, trying to be entertaining, and it’s just a lot.

But, right now, Instagram is pushing reels, and as a result, reels are an exceptionally powerful tool for your business. And, using these four practical and strategic steps to create Instagram reels, reels don’t have to be difficult.

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