Victoria Rayburn and Maddie Peschong discuss how creative entrepreneurs can build an authentic personal brand.
Episode 065: How to Build an Authentic Personal Brand with Maddie Peschong
July 12, 2022
Victoria Rayburn explains what to write about when blogging your work as a creative entrepreneur (AKA in this episode of “Priority Pursuit.”
Episode 066: What to Write About When Blogging Your Work as a Creative Entrepreneur (AKA a Template for Blogging a Wedding or Session as a Photographer)
July 19, 2022

July 18, 2022

The Treefrog Difference: A New Treefrogger’s Perspective

When looking for members to join the Treefrog team, we strive to find individuals that have a strategic mindset, a passion for creativity, strong core values, and a love for small businesses. That’s why we were so excited to find Tanner Sizemore, our new Agency Support Specialist, who ticked all the boxes and has become a big asset to the Treefrog family!

Here’s his take on Treefrog Marketing, our team, and our mission:

Tanner’s Perspective

For me, Treefrog Marketing is unlike any other marketing agency—it’s unlike any other business, really.

I’ve had several jobs throughout my life and I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to business. After being at Treefrog for almost three months now, I can say it’s everything I wanted.

Whether you’re a client, a coworker, or just a member of the community, you’ll feel the Treefrog difference—because it’s genuine. Here’s what I feel sets Treefrog apart from other businesses.

1. The Mission

In my opinion, the overarching principle that sets Treefrog apart is the mission: “As a Christian-based marketing agency, we are called to help people. We strive daily to use the gifts and talents God has given us for the betterment of others.”

As I step back and observe, I see everything we do—from setting goals and creating protocols to daily interactions—is rooted in helping people (both clients and coworkers). This gives us purpose—which seems hard to come by these days. It also gives us assurance that our gifts and talents will be utilized for the greater good.

Finding a mission-based company that would allow me to utilize my skills weighed heavily on my mind during my job search. I mulled over questions like, “What’s my purpose in work? How can I use my gifts and talents to serve God and others? How do I manage the tricky dichotomy between being dutiful in my job and remaining steadfast in my values?”

Treefrog helped me answer those questions—and that brought me peace.

2. The People

An office worker laughing while sitting with a group of diverse colleagues during a meeting

I asked everyone at Treefrog what they thought set it apart from other businesses and their answers were overwhelmingly the same: the people, Treefroggers!

I couldn’t agree more. My fellow Treefroggers are some of the most genuinely kind, dedicated, growth-minded, and helpful people out there! They value each other and what we all bring to the table. And they recognize people when they do a good job—which is a far cry from other companies I’ve had experience with.

Inevitably, my work won’t always be perfect—even six-time NBA champion Michael Jordan missed shots. But when you miss a shot at Treefrog, they don’t condemn or chastise you, they listen and provide respectful, constructive feedback. That’s because they truly want you to thrive—and I’ve seen this first hand in the three short months I’ve been here.

This culture naturally cultivates hard work and loyalty within the team, and it makes me want to do my absolute best on a daily basis.

3. The Work/Life Balance

Treefrog boasts a bevy of examples of its work/life balance: a four-day workweek, the ability to work hybridly, four weeks of PTO, two weeks off for Christmas, and so much more.

They offer these benefits because they care about one another and know life is about more than just work. They also understand that working in a creative space can be draining, and taking time away from work is crucial to recharging your battery and being at your creative best.

As if that wasn’t enough, Treefrog is also baby- and pet-friendly! As Treefroggers, we aren’t just allowed to bring our babies and pets to work, we’re encouraged! Not only does this provide flexibility for parents (and dog parents), but babies and pets also bring everyone together and provide great work breaks. I mean, who doesn’t love to spend time with a smiling baby or a lovable dog?


That’s the Treefrog difference. You just don’t find a meaningful mission, amazing people, and a great work/life balance at any company. That’s why I’m so grateful God led me to Treefrog. He has a plan for me and this company, and we’re going to execute it!

If you're interested in becoming a Treefrogger, check out our careers page. Or if you're looking for an agency partner, schedule a meeting with us so we can answer any questions you may have.


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Leverage Kelly’s marketing experience, insights, and leadership to grow your business.

As the founder and chief marketing strategist at Treefrog Marketing, a co-host of the Priority Pursuit Podcast, a StoryBrand Certified Guide, and fractional chief marketing officer, Kelly Rice has spent more than two decades helping small businesses take their companies to the next level by providing trustworthy leadership and building effective marketing strategies and systems.

She has dedicated her career to helping small businesses succeed because she knows, firsthand, how hard they work to make their communities a better place. 

Still, many people undervalue the strength and ingenuity of small businesses, but not Kelly. She believes they deserve to have a marketing partner and strategy that works as hard as they do.

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